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Class of 1993. Senior year is finally here and Sloane Warren can’t wait to graduate. Being nice (and painfully shy) hasn’t helped her much at Dunwoody High. With a mean-girl nemesis and exclusive cliques, she’s eager to move on…until her crush sits next to her on the first day of school.

While a boyfriend may be a long-shot, Sloane dreams of a boy inviting her to a dance. Any dance. Preferably prom. Preferably a tall boy. Bonus if he’s cute and likes good music.

After befriending her crush and a chance encounter with an alternative rock star, 1993 is turning into Sloane’s best year ever! That is until she’s left dateless and devastated days before prom.

With one last hope to go to her first school dance, will Sloane muster up the courage to invite her dream date? Will her crush ever see her as more than a pal?

Set in the 1992-93 school year, this real-life prom story for the ages (with a fictionalized sweet romance) is better than any teen movie! So, grab your Walkman, pop in a mixtape, and go back to a time when life was simpler, music was cooler, and kids had way more freedom!


I fell in love with this book! I loved that it took place in the 90's and absolutely fell in love with the characters. From the sweet romance to the amazing prom story, this book is a must-read!

-ARC Reader

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